Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lightning Bug

The Lightning Bug - Just a quick little write up on an example from the rulebook...

MR:  8 (level one); 16 (level two); 32 (level 3); 64 (level 4); 128 (level 5); 256 (level 6); 512 (level 7); et cetera....
Hits Off: Equal to a quarter of its MR in the form of its carapace.

Appearing in flights of 1-20, these look like giant-sized versions of a firefly, flashing bioluminescence in blue, green, red, orange, yellow, and the ultra rare hot pink.

Any spite damage they generate takes the form of a lightning bolt of 1d6 damage for each 6 rolled.  This bolt hits the opponent that is most heavily armored in iron or steel.  The bolt's color is the same as its bioluminescent flash.

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