Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Return to Purple Mountain or a New Journey into an Elder Tunnel?

The title really says it all.  While we are waiting for dT&T and the reboot of our main campaign, the boys have decided they would possibly like to revisit Purple Mountain.  I see Purple Duck now has levels 1-5 up for sale.  This seemed reasonable so I started to do some initial intelligence gathering.

On the other hand, as I do try to learn from my past experience*, there are plenty of other made-for-T&T products that I have acquired and not yet used - Trollszines, Elder Tunnels and other Peryton products, Oaky Wood, and a bunch of stuff from Drivethru.  These won't require any long hours of conversion and rewrites.  As I write this I think I have sold myself.  They could be used to create an interesting mini-setting.

In any case, I hope to post play reports.  I will have to recruit my oldest son(s) to do some of the write-ups....

* As I reread some of the old posts about PM and the PDF I started to recall why I stopped playing this after a few sessions in the first place....


  1. My vote is for Elder Tunnels. HEY! We could use a scenario from you for 2014.

    1. Yeah, even as I was typing up this post the choice became clear. I have been thinking up a scenario based on a story by Clark Ashton Smith. Also, would you be interested in an article on a variant of T&T magick that would make it more like "occult" "ritual" magick? e.g., long chanting, "spell components", sacrifices, et cetera. I have it written up 90%, just need to type it up and add a few fiddly bits....

  2. Replies
    1. I am familiar with Baru-Kesh, and will likely work in material from it. Good stuff.