Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Session 4 (7.5) Play Report

Continuing on their way, the party eventually passes the hamlet of Hawfair Green and enters into the Witchwood.  They note the woods' mists and eerie nature.  Soon a woman's voice cuts through the trees and the mist in a lilting song.  Plugging their ears with finger or wool, they flee deeper into the forest, leaving the siren's call far behind.  Then the thunderous pounding of footsteps approaches and most of the party scatters and hides.  Only the hobbit and his smallish herd of goats stay on the trail.  An emerald palanquin carried by giant green golems stops and easily detects those hiding after the hobbit addresses the rider in the palanquin.  A conversation with the Witch Queen ensues, and after she takes her leave, the party continues down the Old Castle Track as dusk looms.