Thursday, July 18, 2013

Some New Spells

Below are some new spells my son made up (he's 14).  Again, we use eight schools of magick based on Stackpole's 8 Cs of Magick, so if you use these with regular T&T you will have to fiddle with them some.  We haven't used them in play yet, so some mechanics may need to be tweaked.

2nd Level Spells

Drop it Like it’s Hot [Conjuration]
 WIZ Cost: 8
Range: 50 feet
Duration: 1 combat round
Power Up?: Yes. Double targets for each level.
Description: Target metal rapidly heat up and are dropped by holders. If un-droppable (such as a breast plate or plate mail) they deal 1D6 damage a round.

Panicking Pyre [Communication]
WIZ Cost: 13
Range: 5 feet
 Duration: See text
Power Up?: No.
 Description: This spell causes any who enter the fire light to flee in terror if their INT, WIZ, and CHR (or MR) are less than the caster’s. This spell requires a fire to be cast on and lasts indefinitely until the fire is extinguished at which point it is dispelled.

3rd Level Spells
Devilish Dancing Blade [Combat]
WIZ Cost: 10
Duration: 1 combat round
Range: Touch
 Power up?: Yes. Double duration for each level increase.  
Description:  This spell causes a weapon to fight on its own using the caster’s adds. 

Burning Questions [Clairvoyant]
WIZ Cost: 15
Duration: Instant
Range: Touch
Power Up?: No.
Description: The caster inscribes a yes/no question on a piece of paper then lights it on fire.  If it doesn’t catch, the answer is no and if it instantly burns, it is yes.

4th Level Spells
Phantom Steed [Conjuration]
WIZ Cost: 20
Range: Touch
 Duration: 1 hour
Power Up?: Yes. Double duration for each level increase.
Description: This spell summons a spectral horse that can be ridden tirelessly until the duration expires.
Ach! Delver Run! [Clairvoyant]
WIZ Cost: 15
Range:  See text
 Duration: 1 combat round for each caster level
Power Up?: No.
Description:  An arrow of light shoots through the dungeon showing the quickest round to the exit from this level.

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