Saturday, December 3, 2011

Purple Mountain Character Generation

So, last night we rolled the bones to generate four T&T characters to use in our Purple Mountain campaign.  We will be using my house rules for T&T 5.5e, all codified and spiffy.  More of how my ruleset varies form standard 5.5e as it become relevant (specialist mages from 7e are one example, as are talents, although I like my talents narrowish rather than broad).  As Temple of the Locust Lords calls for four first level PCs, and I have four trollspawn, it was a perfect fit.  So far, so good.  In addition to generating the basic T&T attributes, et cetera, I also had the players roll on a few charts of their choosing from Bob Liddil's fun 30 Sided Character (which they enjoy the quirkiness of, as do I) and also once from the Dungeon Motivation table from an early issue of Fight On! (by Paul Vermeren; sorry I don't recall which issue it appeared in off the top of my head).  They also described the character's appearance, decided on three personality traits, and came up with one secret to help flesh out the PCs a little.  What we ended up with is:

Delv'ain Elveric (played by Aeddon, 13) - Elven Wizard, talent: healing (INT)
Darikin the Banished aka 'Jim' (Alden, 11) - Half-Orc Rogue, talent: roguery (CHR)
Waterbeard (Alwyn, 9) - Dwarf Warrior, talent: brute force (STR)
ElDirk Lowlands (Arian, 7) - Leprechaun Specialist Mage (Communication), talent: pick locks (DEX)

I should note that I have been a longtime fan of the Flying Buffalo Catalyst products, so I long ago adapted the spell list to fit into Mike Stackpole's 8Cs of Magic.  Thus, rather than the four schools of magic that appear in 7e, I have eight schools.

Purple Mountain comes with no setting.  So I will be using some made-for-T&T material for that from Elder Tunnels.  This week I will figure out the setting details and work on converting the adventure from Pathfinder to T&T and we will start actual play next Friday.  After the players finish a level and are ready to move on I will post my conversion notes.  In the Temple of the Locust Lord there are lots of new monsters, spells, magic items, feats and more that I need to figure out how to handle in T&T.  More to come.

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