Friday, December 2, 2011

New Purple Mountain Campaign

After reading a review of the first level of Purple Mountain (Temple of the Locust Lord) at the fine Adventures and Shopping blog, I picked up the PDF and have decided to run it with my four trollspawn while my Demons & Wizards campaign is on hiatus over the winter.  [One of our players is blind and winter travel is too difficult for him.]  We'll be playing Friday nights while the trollwife is still at work.  Overall, I was impressed with what I saw in this megadungeon and it will be the 'tentpole' in a new campaign I began tonight (at least character generation).  Purple Mountain will have twenty levels, if all goes well with the Purple Ducks.

Because I do everything wrong ;), I will be running Purple Mountain using Tunnels & Trolls in lieu of the Pathfinder rules it is written for.  In addition to the dungeon PDF, the first level also has a companion 'battle mat' PDF.  I plan on using this as well - not for combat, per se (I don't feel restricting T&T combat in this way plays to T&T's strengths) - but for positioning, mapping, trap searching and the like.  This will be a new experience for me so I am curious to see how it will go.

What I will be attempting here, in addition to just having fun with the trollspawn, is to see how the conversion process goes between Pathfinder and T&T.  As the dungeon is intended to pair the characters' level with the dungeon level (i.e., 3rd level PCs should be exploring the dungeon's third level) it will be interesting to see how long this holds to be true.  While sharing the same fantasy roots, Pathfinder and T&T are quite different rulesets and I don't expect level correlations will be meaningful for long...but I've never attempted a level by level match up before.  It will also be interesting to see how Monster Ratings and Saving Rolls (SR) are impacted.  In T&T, in my experience, the base SR level is usually the same as the dungeon level, but there isn't a level to level pairing.  Usually the first level of a T&T dungeon is appropriate for 1st-3rd level characters (approximately).  While Pathfinder and D&D 3e in general have formulaic rules to make sure challenges and rewards are continually matched with character level (with all the weal and bane that goes with it), T&T is much more at the GM's whim and 'gut feeling', and all the good and ill associated with that approach.

In any case, this will be a grand experiment on many levels.  I plan to post my thoughts on the conversion process here, revealing how well it works and what I learn by the process.


  1. Purple Mountain with T&T rules - that's genius!

    (Thanks for linking back to Adventures&Shopping) :)

  2. Genius is surely overstating it, but it will be interesting, but thanks for the vote of confidence.