Saturday, October 23, 2010

Source Material

I meant to do this earlier; I think this is a given, but....  In the Dream Evil II campaign I am drawing from a number of sources and mixing it all up into its own soupy goodness (I hope).  Ideas are being drawn from various blogs - as noted in a previous post, music I listen to, books I am currently reading (Vance, CAS, HPL, St. Andre's Rose of Stormgaard), various incarnations of Castle Greyhawk/Maure Castle/ERK, old issues of the Hobbit Hole, and Fight On!  So far what has largely made appearances is FO! stuff from the Sandbox, Pentastadion and Enharza articles.

I am not taking great strides to 'conceal' this source material, but at the same time I don't want to take huge amounts of time citing each source either.  In spite of the many sources, I greatly manipulate the material and the inspiration I draw from things might be as simple as using a name that has appeared elsewhere but that has been completely twisted out of context.  Some things I rip off whole cloth.  Much of the things that will appear are completely my own ideas.

I bring all of this up just to state that I am not intending to challenge the intellectual property of others in this blog; I am merely recycling the good ideas of others for the reasons of gaming with my family and friends and then posting it here for entertainment purposes.  No slight is intended.

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