Thursday, October 21, 2010

Session 1 (7.5) Play Report

We started our new campaign, which I am calling "Dream Evil II" (as a way to wrap up many lose ends from a previous campaign [can you guess what it was called?]).  Hearing of turmoil and potential war in the Khazani Empire (1300 AK) after a dream-haunted proclamation by the Silver Sage of Knor, the PCs decide to leave for safer parts and travel by ship to the largely unexplored (in my previous campaigns) south, to an area near the Dragon's Claws called Arysia.  Zalerc the elven rogue had previously spent time there, and en route told the others how he had enemies within the Thieves' Guild of Thesia, a neighboring - but rival - city to Arys. As Thesia is called the City of Vultures, Zalerc calls members of the Thesian Thieves' Guild 'Vultures'.

Arriving in Arys - City of the Seven Sorcerers - Darged the hobbit rogue and master herder of goats sets out to trade his livestock while the others gamble and get a room at the Fiery Ruby. The PCs' room is 302, and based on the constant traffic into room 301, they realize something strange is going on next door.  They also hear rumors that tentacled horrors are snatching people near the canals for sacrifice to a sea goddess.

While Bluebell the fairy wizard does surveillence on 301, the healer, Slanky, starts an altercation with a rough ne'er-do-well preparing to enter by urinating on him and is almost killed before Zalerc intervenes and knocks out the man.  Slanky has to use a Hero Point already to avoid being slain by his foe before help arrives.  Hopefully the youngest trollson learned something about impulse control....  The PCs manage to sneak the unconscious man down to the stables (Weekend at Bernie's) and dump him there, making it look like he drank himself into a stuppor.

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