Thursday, December 28, 2017

Update & 2017 Hall of Fame

While I don't get around to posting on here too much, we are still playing T&T a fair bit, slowly chugging away in our Master of the Moon campaign.  The PCs have rescued a long forgotten imprisoned prince, re-establishing the line of the Kingdom of Darkhold and fulfilling a prophecy; performed several assignments for Master Threnody of the Free Explorers Society (Delvers' Guild); explored sections of Mandrake Castle (the tent pole megadungeon of the region) killing necromancers and plenty of undead; had run ins with the Army of Peace soldiers (Lerotra'hh's army) stationed near Khosht; discovered the secret behind the old hermit's tower; and lots more that I'd need to review my notes to recall.

As is also our tradition, this year we are inducting Lunafilus Circaeum into our Hall of Fame.  Lunafilus is an erudite human wizard - more 'erudity' than most, with 'scheschmonic schminschmight'* - played by Aeddon.

*An attempt at veiling a Talent in Demonic Insight that took his co-players all of three seconds to figure out.

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