Thursday, August 29, 2013

Iron Sky...A New Khazan Adventure?

Maybe it is just the whisky and port I drank while watching this talking, but I thought this was brilliant.  Great parody on American politics, and what a great setting for a T&T variant.  This seems like the perfect thing for Peryton Publishing to do as an adventure for New Khazan....


  1. Really a fun movie and one of my favorites of the teens. Considering that the writer is Finnish, I love it being thought of with New Khazan (My family moved to Germany from Finland during the First World War). Of course it'd work with with the 9KW. And if you do it, it will get published with awesome illustrations.

    The hard part will be the background. It isn't that hard, but I will be expecting the planet(s) involved to be highly recognizable but still in the 9,ooo Worlds.

    1. By the way, if Jerry Teleha would get his "Stay Alive" rules together, I'd work with you on making the scenario the introduction to my "Nixon World" T&T setting.

  2. Your family history adds a nice connection to the movie, Tom. I have a few projects I'd like to finish (which I plan on offering up to Elder Tunnels, by the way - an article and two adventures) but then I wouldn't be opposed to doing something Iron Sky-like for the New Khazan line.

  3. Hooray 9KW. My unwieldy overambitious thing is still marinating in its badly mixed metaphors. However, work progresses on a solo for the next Trollzine (roughs due in weeks) that is designed as a gateway for "conventional" T&T characters to get a taste of New Khazan.

  4. Just to let you know G. Branderwydd, save the adventures for E-Tunn. Send the articles to Trollzine or to JerryTel, who is working on something. Maybe even Troll Hammer, though Paul is a bit distracted.

    Mosker, I am always surprised at how much people like 9KW. I thank you.