Friday, May 25, 2012

Posts...Not so Much

We've been playing lots of T&T and have several campaigns going, but I haven't managed to post much about them.  Campaign #1: The Thieving Magpie, five players (had seven but that was too much), Marillion; #2: Dedicated to Chaos, four players (spillover from #1), Queensryche; #3: The Devil You Know, five players - all female.  We call it the Girlie Group and it has been going for about 18 months, Black Sabbath/Heaven and Hell ; #4: Demons & Wizards, four or five players - this is the group with the trollsons and an old friend, Demons & Wizards.  Plus we have various one offs at times with high level semi-retired characters, Lovecraft Variant, or whatever.  Almost everyweek we play with at least one of the groups.  All campaigns are inspired by the music of the above listed bands.

I would love to blog and publish more T&T stuff, but honestly, if I have to choose between playing and prepping for games or blogging about what I want to do, I choose the former.  Still, the summer is fast approaching and I have summers off, so maybe I will be able to post seesion summaries and other miscellania as I hope.  I haven't given up hope just yet even though I am reconsidering my dependence on technology.

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  1. Great to hear you have been gaming a lot! Keep it up!