Friday, December 16, 2011

Kopfihagen Island

Purple Mountain is just a dungeon, with no setting.  While I want the majority of play to happen in the dungeon, I also want there to be some interaction with the outside world.  As such, I've decided to use a made-for-T&T setting.  I've placed Purple Mountain on Kopfihagen Island, on the road between the city of Grimehaven and the fishing village of Fishhook, just south of Little Mountain.  Information about this region can be found in issues of the Elder Tunnels Summer-Fall (Halloween) 2010 and Summer 2011.  I plan to flesh this out more in play as needed, with permission and assistance of Tom Kopfy of Peryton Publishing.


  1. I am dying to hear about this Purple Mountain. That is one awesome title in my book.

  2. After we clear the level I plan on posting the background of Purple Mountain, as well as my conversion notes. It'll probably take two more sessions, so that'll probably happen over the holiday break.