Monday, December 19, 2011

Fight On! #13 Released

Fight On! has released its latest issue - lucky number 13 - dedicated to Ken St. Andre.  As with other issues, it is a solid offering, even if it is lighter in KSA-inspired content than I had hoped for.  Past issues of FO! have also featured articles/interviews with the game designer the issue was dedicated to.  Unless I have overlooked it, there is no such article in this issue.  There are quotes from the fourth edition of T&T at the beginning, however.  I even have an article in it - Tricks & Treats, grouped with Andreas Davour from the Omnipotent Eye blog.  It sports a Liz Danforth cover and there are a few other pieces of her art in the magazine.  Maybe once I have a chance to read through the issue in depth I'll comment on the T&T articles.

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