Monday, August 1, 2011

Session 7 (7.5) Play Report

The party finally enters the dungeon via the main entrance.  After avoiding the first two pits, Darged falls into the last one but suffers only minor injuries.  After, Ruffy smashes open the front doors with his warhammer.  In the room beyond is a statue of a humanoid wearing a stowed longbow and a sword.  As the party inspects it, its nearless featureless face flickers eerily.  It curses the party, affecting everyone other than Zalerc with mild insanity.

Pushing on, the party begins to explore the next chamber until they are ambushed by lurking goblins.  After a brief battle, the goblins surrender and agree to give up their treasure if the PCs will let them go.  The party agrees, and while they rifle through the coins and gems, the goblins slink off. 

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