Sunday, November 14, 2010

Session 5 (7.5) Play Report

Taking a smaller side trail, the party arrives at dusk at a small farm consisting of some pens, a barn and a cottage.  A young human girl tries to warn them away after they knock on the door seeking lodging.  Soon the ogre who lives there tries to scare them off, but they grow suspicious after he slams the door in their faces and start snooping around the barn.  Slanky Rice steps on a discarded rake, which slams him in the face, and the commotion startles the swine in the barn, as well as the children locked within, as it turns out.  Combat with the ogre soon follows, and he flees after they defeat him.  Rescuing the children the party finds out the ogre had killed their parents and kept them as slaves.  The hobbit liberates the ogre's swine from the barn as well.  The next morning they escort the children to Hawfair Green for safety and Darged is granted free stabling rights for his goats and swine while they return to the Witchwood in search of the Castle of the Mad Mage.  After a chance encounter with a starving bear, which makes off with a goat, the party follows the Old Castle Track to the end.

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