Saturday, October 30, 2010

Session 3 (7.5) Play Report

The party decides to leave Arys and head north to the Witchwood to investigate a wizard's keep said to be located there.  It is rumored to be full of treasures, and the party hopes this will allow them to quickly gather enough gold to get the Thieves' Guild off their backs.  Along the way they meet a man named Garsen sitting on a large chest in the middle of the road. After a brief conversation in which he tells them his master sent him with his cargo to Arys but that his transportation broke down and he is stranded but briefly, they leave him alone (even though some of the party is tempted to attack him and steal his chest).  After an afternoon of hunting and gathering (and obligatory goat training), the night watch is attacked by two wolf-like creatures.  Magick and weapons do not affect them, but the party eventually drives them off.

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