Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wow, Time Flies

So, it has already been a month since I posted a second time to the blog.  Ouch.  I can blame camping and the start of a new college semester and regular school and other things, but I guess it is just due to my own inadequacies as a human being.  Whatever.  In the gapping lapse of time I have decided that I will use this as a comparison between my already-established 5.5 house-ruled monthly girlie campaign and the new 7.5 by-the-book (except for a few minor quibbles) campaign to be played as a family on a weekly basis.

When 7e came out I had (more than) a few issues with it.  I think I have rectified those now, but I am still curious how 5e (what I know so well after 28 years of play - OMFG) will hold up against 7.5.  Or vice-versa.  Strangely, for what I have in mind for the campaign progression, I think 7.5 might be a better fit.  We will see.  My vision is of an Old School, Dark/Pulp fantasy feel where each dungeon level roughly matches the PCs' character level.  [My old balance issues were that PC levels 1-3 matched up best with the first level of a dungeon, and so on.]  I'm thinking HPL, CAS, JV rather than Tolkien or even KSA....  My play will also be influenced by game reports by blog kings James Maliszewski and Zak Sabbath, both of whom play D&D, but who exhibit the right attitude toward gaming so I can excuse their misunderstanding of what a good RPG is really about.  ;).

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